21st Century Dissent: Anarchism, Anti-Globalization and by Giorel Curran

By Giorel Curran

Anarchism has seldom had sturdy press, and anarchists have continually confronted resistance to their political philosophy. regardless of this, 21st Century Dissent contends that anarchism has significantly stimulated the trendy political panorama. Giorel Curran explores the modern face of anarchism as expressed through environmental protests and the anti-globalization stream. She contends that anti-capitalist protest has propelled an invigorated - yet reconceptualized - anarchism into the guts of twenty first century dissent.

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It all depends on what is being created or repressed (May in DeWitt 2000). May is concerned to show how representation snatches and dilutes the individual’s power. A transformational politics – which he claims postanarchism to be – challenges the politics of representation and understands that power is multiplicitous. Like Newman, he identifies an essentialist tendency as classical anarchism’s central weakness, although how he reconciles a non-essentialism with an anarchist practice that is ‘universal in scope’ becomes more problematic (see Glavin 2004, 3).

This helps explain their distaste for Stirner’s ‘ego and its own’. Social or communitarian anarchism is more than a theory of a stateless society, even if it is resolute in its insistence that the state be dismantled. The central argument that the centralized power of the external state must be returned to, and internalized in, the individualin-community has lost none of its force. While generally rejecting the base and superstructural relationship of the state as espoused by Marx- Anarchism Old and New 27 ism, communitarians do at least agree with Marx that the capitalist state is an immensely oppressive force.

Anarchism is no different. The significant developments in anarchism over the past few decades signal a preparedness to reconsider its ideas and praxis in the light of new political challenges. The new anarchism is not a wholesale rejection of old or classical anarchism. But it draws from and reconfigures itself in new ways, even as old ideological battles, fought under the rubric of new forms, are still clearly visible. In articulating new positions, it blends old with new or rejects one in favour of the other – all, albeit, with varying degrees of coherence and success.

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