30 Teenage Stories by Ankur Mitra

By Ankur Mitra

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Her decision came as a shock to the three of us. Until then, Ma was a normal Ma. You know, the type who woke us in the morning, hurried us for school, got our tiffins ready and so on. Now she had to be at the Gym from 9 to 12 in the morning and from 4 to 7 in the evening. She had to workout along with each batch of exercisers. It was strenuous work. Sometimes she overslept in the morning—which meant that all of us did too—and then there was a mad rush to get out of the house on time. Ma had to prepare the lunch and dinner before she left and she no longer had time to lay out our school uniforms or polish our shoes if we forgot to 52 do that the night before.

Romeo suddenly caught hold of my pant and tugged. " But Romeo was in no mood to listen. I tugged, so did he. There was a ripping sound and my knee pocket was left between Romeo's teeth as I backed off. Five strides and I tumbled headlong into a steepsided gully. It must have been about fifty-feet deep but luckily, I got stuck on a bush about half way down. It took me some time to recover my senses. Then I looked up and there was Romeo, looking down, my pocket still dangling in his mouth. " I gasped, as the bush seemed to give way.

Hemant arrived at the theatre after the other four boys. Panting, but pleased, he grandly pulled out the four hundred he had got for the vase and peeled off a hundred rupee note for the tickets. Akash, Arjun and Rohit took it for granted that he should pay. Only Gaurav, whose father supplied steel to Hemant's f a t h e r ' s factory, felt a bit awkward. He would have preferred to buy his own ticket but he had seen how annoyed Hemant got if he suggested it, so instead he bought two packets of chips to pass around as they watched the movie.

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