A Beginner's Guide to Scala, Object Orientation and by John Hunt

By John Hunt

Scala is a brand new programming language constructed through Martin Odersky and his crew on the EPFL. The identify Scala is derived from Sca(lable) La(nguage). Scala is a multi-paradigm language, incorporating item orientated techniques with useful programming. even though a few familiarity with typical computing techniques is thought (such because the inspiration of compiling a software and executing this compiled shape, etc.) and with uncomplicated procedural language strategies (such as variables and allocation of values to variables) the early chapters of the publication don't think any familiarity with item orientation nor practical programming. those chapters additionally step via different thoughts with which the reader is probably not commonly used (such as record processing). From this historical past, John Hunt presents a realistic creation to item and sensible expertise utilizing Scala, one of many most up-to-date and best programming languages on hand. numerous techniques are brought via functional adventure taking the reader past the extent of the language syntax to the philosophy and perform of object-oriented improvement and practical programming. scholars, and people actively thinking about the software program will locate this entire advent to Scala and to item orientation and practical programming, invaluable.

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Most of this Java class is boilerplate code. In fact it is so common that tools such as Eclipse allow us to create the boilerplate code automatically. Which may mean that we do not have to type much more in the Java case than the Scala case. However, when I look back and have to read this code I may have to wade through a lot of such boilerplate code in order to find the actual functionality of interest. In the Scala case this boilerplate code is handled by the language meaning that I can focus on what the class actually does.

You can have vanilla as the basic flavour with all the characteristics of ice cream, Chocolate could be a subclass of Vanilla which extends the concept to a chocolate flavour of ice cream. Separately we could have bowls containing chocolate chips, mint chips, M&Ms, sprinkles of various types. We can combine the Vanilla Ice Cream with the mint chips to create Vanilla Mint Chip Ice Cream. This provides a new type of ice cream but those mint choc chips are not in and of themselves an ice cream. Traits are like the mint chocolate chips, while classes are like the ice cream.

3. There are versions available for both Windows and Mac systems. Alternatively you can use an Eclipse plugin for Scala if you already have Eclipse installed on your machine. 1 Selecting a Workspace Eclipse is oriented around the idea of a workspace containing one or more projects. The workspace is associated with a directory location and typically projects reside under that workspace location. Personally I create a directory called workspaces, in which I place a workspace for a particular task or tool and inside this I have projects.

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