A Brief History of Germany by Jason Philip Coy

By Jason Philip Coy

The tale of Germany, a key participant in international diplomatic and monetary affairs, is essential to our knowing of world historical past and the modern international. protecting greater than 2,000 years of heritage, a quick heritage of Germany offers a concise account of the occasions, humans, and certain customs and traditions that experience formed Germany from precedent days to the current. easy evidence, a chronology, a bibliography, and an inventory of recommended readings around out this insightful and finished source.

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Indd 24 11/8/10 9:49:24 AM GERMANIA: BARBARIAN GERMANY faith. E. is preserved in The Chronicle of St. Denis. The Chronicle presents the Frankish king’s conversion from “idolatry” as a holy miracle, accomplished through divine intervention in order to facilitate the conversion of his subjects to Christianity. While this account, written by a pious Catholic monk, suggests that divine inspiration and the faith of Clovis’s devoted wife swayed the Frankish king, he no doubt also had more worldly motivations.

Some Germanic tribes even migrated across the frontier and settled in Roman territory, providing military service in exchange for land grants. , killing Emperor Valens (328–378), his successor, Theodosius (ca. 347–395), was forced to accommodate the invaders, granting them generous land concessions, in an attempt to forestall further depredation and to build a buffer against the incursions of other Germanic tribes. , Roman central authority was crumbling, and several powerful Germanic tribes, pressured by population growth and the attacks of the Huns (nomadic invaders from Central Asia) began pouring into the old Roman heartland.

During this chaotic period, Arian Christianity began to spread among these Germanic invaders. , made inroads among the Germanic tribes as they swept into the crumbling empire. Since the 18th century, historians have often portrayed the Germanic tribes as marauding invaders who caused the collapse of Rome’s glittering civilization. However, recent scholarship has amended this view. Today most scholars view the Germanic migrations of the late fifth century not as a cause of Roman political collapse but rather as a response to it.

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