A descriptive catalogue of poets quoted in Sanskrit by Ludwik Sternbach

By Ludwik Sternbach

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1129) sobriquet of an unknown author taken from No. 1d; Medharudr~ (No. 11~5) sobriquet of Kalidasa, but none of the verses quoted in anthologies over this name are known Kalidasa's verses; verse No. 1 is quoted by A. Scharpe in his Kiilidasa-Lexicon amongst Kalidasa's incerta: Yamuna-Trivlkrama (No. 249); Yuvatlsambhogakara (No. 1177) sobriquet of an unknown author taken from the theme of verses Nos. 259); Yuvaraja (No. 1178) probably sobriquet or a designation of an unknown author; Yuvasena (No.

249) (out of 43 verses 42 were identified in the Janakiharana); does not seem to be correct; his remark that verse No. 13 is from Bhiksatanakavya is wrong, it is not found in this kdvya and it does not fit it; it is not composed in the vasantatilakii-tueue as all verses of this kdvya are (see No. 122 H). Kulasekhara (No. 5. See also Nos. 152H,175H,193H and many others. 1. W. Thomas's suggestion (Kav. p. 51) that Kav. 507 could be another verse of Pararnesvara (No. , be discarded; the final 0 svara belonged to Yoge-svara and not to Parame-svara.

Here we should, particularly bear in mind 651~ "new verses" of Kalidasa 107, some of which (44) were already collected by A. Scharpe in his KiiliddsaLexicon (No. 230J) lU~, three Krsnamisra's verses (No. 277J),3 Kokkoka's verses (No. 295 J), two Kautilya's verses (No. 302J)109, 137 Ksemendra's verses which 104 It is-written in arya-metre, while the Rajendrakarnapiira is written in the sardiilavikri4itametre; See also para. 55. g. those included in BhPr. 3). 106 Not counting 21 verses attributed to Kalidasa in BhPr.

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