A Textbook of Computer Based Numerical and Statistical by A.K. Jaiswal, Anju Khandelwal

By A.K. Jaiswal, Anju Khandelwal

Salient beneficial properties of this paintings comprise: mathematical derivation of every strategy is given to construct the scholars knowing of numerical research; quite a few solved examples are given; computing device courses for the majority numerical equipment mentioned were provided in 'C' language; blunders research for the majority equipment are awarded; each one bankruptcy starts with an creation of involved subject; and, workout questions provide a chance to the scholars to check their realizing of the ideas.

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2275e2 3. 4. 9375e1 5. 5 e0 6. 13. 786327e1. [Ans. 14. 197 by 3-digit arithmetic with rounding. 15. 78712 e1] [Ans. 01, using five-digit decimal arithmetic. [Ans. 1 e–1] x 16. 07 using both chopping and rounding off to three digits, proceeding through the polynomial term by term from left to right. [Ans. 1 INTRODUCTION We have seen that expression of the form f(x) = a0xn + a1xn – 1 + .... + an – 1x + an where a’s are constant (a0 ≠ 0) and n is a positive integer, is called a polynomial in x of degree n, and the equation f (x) = 0 is called an algebraic equation of degree n.

2585e1 4. 3717e–8 6. (b)/(c) (a) 2. 2581e1 3. 7511e–8 5. 1663e–3 6. 1823e3] 33 ERRORS AND FLOATING POINT 10. Give example to show that most of the laws of arithmetic fail to hold for floating-point arithmetic. 11. 8e – 4 = 0. Work in floating-point arithmetic using a four decimal place mantissa. [Ans. 2 e–3] 12. Give the normalized floating-point representation for the following: 1. 22/7 2. 75 3. 01 4. 9 3 8 5. – 3 64 6. 3/6 [Ans. 1. 3143e1 2. 2275e2 3. 4. 9375e1 5. 5 e0 6. 13. 786327e1. [Ans. 14.

Roots of the equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 are x1 = Here b2 >>|4ac| and product of roots are Therefore smaller root is b + b2 − 4 ac 2a c . 0025 . 2 1. 235101 [Ans. 24] 2. 3742 [Ans. 54) lies, if all the 47 numerical quantities are rounded off. [Hint. on taking ea < 1%] [Ans. 8186] 3. Obtain the range of values within which the exact value of 4. Calculate the value of 102 − 101 correct to four significant figures. 5. 85 × l0 in normalized floating-point mode. 6. Explain Machine Epsilon in floating point arithmetic.

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