Access database design and programming by Steven Roman

By Steven Roman

I've been utilizing entry and VBA for many years, with none formal education in relational database or programming. during this concise ebook, Steven Roman controlled to offer a robust beginning within the idea of relational databases, VBA and DAO.

Armed with this information, I now have the arrogance to dig deeper in those 3 issues and research extra complicated material.

One draw back even though: i discovered the final a part of the booklet on ADO relatively complicated. Steven Roman prefers DAO to ADO and it shows.

I however provide the booklet five stars, because the first 3 components of the e-book are stellar.

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5 Index Files When a table is stored on disk, it is often referred to as a file. In this case, each row of the table is referred to as a record , and each column is referred to as a field. ) Since disk access is typically slow, an important goal is to reduce the amount of disk accesses necessary to retrieve the desired data from a file. Sequential searching of the data, record-by-record, to find the desired information may require a large number of disk accesses and is very inefficient. The purpose of an index file is to provide direct (also called random) access to data in a database file.

Table 4-5. A table with redundant data City Los Angeles StreetName Hollywood Blvd Vine St ZipCode 95000 95000 However, we can split this table scheme into two schemes: {ZipCode,City} and: {ZipCode,StreetName} In this case, Table 4-5 gets split into two tables, Tables Table 4-6 and Table 4-7, and the redundancy is gone! Table 4-6. First table derived from Table 4-5 to eliminate redundancy 56 TEAM FLY PRESENTS ZipCode 95000 City Los Angeles Table 4-7. Second table derived from Table 4-5 to eliminate redundancy ZipCode 95000 95000 StreetName Hollywood Blvd Vine St Generally speaking, the design of a database may begin with an E/R diagram.

Partial decomposition of Table 4-12 ISBN PageCount 0-111-11111-1 0-111-22222-2 500 500 Table 4-14. 95 Now here is the problem. Looking at the second table, we have no indication that the original scheme required that PageCount determine Price. 50, as we've done in Table 4-15. Table 4-15. 50 59 TEAM FLY PRESENTS But putting the tables back together for a look at all of the data gives us Table 4-16, which reveals a violation of the requirement that PageCount determine Price. In fact, somebody at the publishing company is going to be very unhappy that the company is now selling a 500-page book below cost!

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