Accounting Database Design by Derek Liew

By Derek Liew

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We will go deeper on this topic when we begin to create reports for Dave, under Chapter 12. Enter the following column names, data type, length and allow null attributes in the Bank Table as follows: Designing Bank Table Under this table, set the Bank_Code_VC as the primary key field. Next we would want to provide Dave an option, to select the mode of transaction under the cash form screen. Dave would want to have three choice of transaction, first, an option to select a debtor account code, that will interface with the Cust_Code_VC field, created in the Customer_Table for collection transaction, second, to select a creditor account code, to interface with the Cred_Code_IN field located under the Creditor Table for effecting the payment transaction, and, thirdly, an option to select account code from the COA Table for each cash transaction purposes.

We know that our main item data is Name and Location. So, we create a table called Name_T to store the name, date of birth, and phone number of each individual. We also create a table called Location_T to hold data on address and place of work. Our next task, under the first normal form, is to eliminate repeating groups of data. We know that, under the Name_T table, it is very likely that two or more person, may share the same name, and as for the address, it is possible that more than one person could be staying in the same place, therefore we could end up typing the same name or address twice in each of the tables.

12. This screen allows you to configure the type of authentication mode that you prefer in order to gain access to SQL Server. If you choose the first option, SQL Server will use windows domain user account to verify the authenticity of the user, before granting access to SQL Server. If you choose the second option, SQL Server will require an additional level of validation that would require a user login password. For our purpose, we will select the windows authentication mode option. 13. Under the Collation Settings, will allow you to specify a set of guidelines that determine how information is being compared and collated in SQL Server.

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