Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 98 by D. Rich, W. Kosiak, G. Manlove, S. V. Potti, D. Schwarz

By D. Rich, W. Kosiak, G. Manlove, S. V. Potti, D. Schwarz (auth.), Dr. Detlef Egbert Ricken, Wolfgang Gessner (eds.)

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1 System Overview The CPOD system is basically a resonator tag system, consisting of the following components: • 2 LC-resonator circuits with low power modulators, fitted in the socket of the child seat • the antenna structure, printed on the PPD sensor • the electronic interface, which generates and processes the signals for the CPOD/PPD system, decides on the occupancy status and transmits this status via a serial protocol to the airbag ECU communicatiol') via magnetic coupling Resonator communication via wires PPD-Sensor with antenna Electronic Interface Side View Airbag Control unit TopView printed with antennas Figure 4: Position ofthe CPOD system in the passenger seat B Situation Appropriate Airbag Deployment 47 The electronic interface is directly connected to the sensor mat, both parts are integrated into the seat cushion.

Inadvertent triggering could be minimized. Reversible restraints. If the precrash detection gains enough time, reversible restraints - such as actuated bumpers or pneumatic airbags - could be considered in future restraint system designs. 2 Suitable sensors Auxiliary acceleration sensitive satellite sensors. In the past, the major problern was the pole crash in very big and less stiff cars. In order to warn the restraint system right in time, a so called "pole catcher" sensor was used. This was an acceleration sensitive switch, which is located in the front area of the car under the hood.

R- --1 ECU Power Supply/ Reset f-+ r- Serial Interface t Drive Logic lf Microprocessor J Transmitter Frequency Generator -- ~ Transmitter Amplifier amplifier with ,____~ demodulator 1 t:::t amplifier with demodulator 2 Figure 9: CPOD interface electronics block diagram - tra nsmitting antenna r-receiving an! ennas f4 I - FSR-sensor 52 T. 3 The PPD drive logic The PPD drive logic provides the necessary signals for the PPD sensor, including resistance threshold detection and self-diagnostic (interruption or short of the PPD conductors).

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