Advances in Tyre Mechanics by R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

By R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

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Since many tyre performances place conflicting demands on the tyre properties, tyre engineering may approach a stage whereby: (a) weighing factors are placed on each performance to define an 'objective function' to be maximised, (b) upper and lower limits are placed on dimensions, performances and other variables thus defining the 'constraints' which must be met by a design to be acceptable, and (c) mathematical optimisation is performed to obtain the optimum design. Computers will also find wider applications in the development of databases to be utilised in tyre design and, more significantly, to retain the knowledge of Advances in Tyre Mechanics experienced engineers and develop 'expert systems' to guide the tyre development process in the absence of the experts.

The experiments were conducted with the tyre-wheel assembly attached to a fixed, non-rot:lting axle. Fourier transform signal analysis was used to extract cyclic displacement and force amplitudes. 11 refs. USA Copyquest order no. Techllol. Ellgr. 46-7 TYRE PRESSURE AND DAMPER MONITORING Craighead I A Strathcl yde, U ni versi ty Developments in tyre pressure and damper monitoring systems are reviewed and their shortcomings analysed. A system has been designed by researchers at Strathclyde University which is based on measuring the dynamic behaviour of the wheel/axle sub-assembly as the vehicle is driven.

Technol. T/43-50 DEVELOPMENT OF STUDLESS TYRES (FOR PASSENGER CARS) Sakamoto T; Hirata Y Ten years have passed since the 1982 debut of studless tyres for the Japanese domestic market. With the use of spike tyres banned from April 1991 and the introduction of penalties in April 1992, the mission of studded tyres to replace spike tyres that began with an environmental problem can be considered complete. However, a number of tasks may be identified with regard to further improvement of studless tyre performance if a safer car-culture society is desired.

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