After Our Likeness: The Church As the Image of the Trinity by Miroslav Volf

By Miroslav Volf

In After Our Likeness, Miroslav Volf explores the connection among folks and neighborhood in Christian theology. He seeks to counter the trends towards individualism in Protestant ecclesiology and provides group its due.

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152. See Ratzinger, Das neue Volk, 214, 220. 153. , in the eucharistic love relationship with the entire planet" (Ratzinger, Volk, 138). 154 Because one can receive consecration only from bishops standing both synchronically and diachronically in communion with other bishops (ordo episcoporum in successio apostolica), this consecration binds the new bishop into the entire ordo episcoporum. "155 The sacrament of consecration qualifies the status of bishop as derived from the whole. This is why consecration vouches for the divine origin of episcopal authority.

Ibid. 180. Ratzinger, Volk, 149. 181. Ratzinger, "Demokratisierung," 32. 62 182. ). 183. Ratzinger, "Demokratisierung," 41; cf. Das neue Volk, 221. 184. Ratzinger, "Demokratisierung," 41. 185. Ratzinger, "Liturgie," 249; cf. Ratzinger, Das neue Volk, 219. 186. Ratzinger, "Demokratisierung," 41. 63 AFTER OUR LIKENESS Ratzinger: Communion and the Whole at a concrete locale. "188 One cannot design the liturgy oneself; one must receive it from the whole church in which it lives and organically grows.

From this follows the singularity of the episcopal office at a specific locale and the binding of church membership to communion with the bishop. ) totality in which the one church of God is realized. If through the bishop this vertically organized local church is indeed to be bound into the communio ecclesiarum, however, then the bishop must also be a representative of his congregation to the larger church. "149 one ordo episcoporum. The bishop's membership in this ordo is not something that may or may not be added as a supplement to his status as bishop, but rather is itself constitutive for that status.

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