After the White House: Former Presidents as Private Citizens by Max J. Skidmore

By Max J. Skidmore

Hat do you do with your self after keeping the main robust workplace on this planet? a comparatively younger guy, invoice Clinton most likely has many future years up together with his personal solutions to this query. After the White home is the 1st publication to take a scientific examine the post-presidential careers of Clinton and his prede-cessors. Thirty-two accomplished their phrases. 4 turned presidential applicants back (one used to be even elected), served in Congress, one accredited election to the accomplice Congress, and one grew to become leader Justice. Clinton has the original contrast of his first girl turning into a usa senator. Jefferson created the college of Virginia. Teddy Roosevelt launched into an African safari upon leaving workplace. Many remained influential figures; others have been ostracized while political opponents succeeded them (like Hoover in the course of FDR's terms). wealthy with anecdotes, After the White condo presents an exciting and special per-spec-tive at the lives of presidents.

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She and John were partners in every sense of the word. John carried on. Politically, he had moved steadily away from the Federalists. After 1804 he never again endorsed a Federalist candidate for office. “He had drifted to the Republican party, the party of Jefferson, but also the faction of Samuel Adams and Elbridge Gerry and, eventually, of his son John Quincy,”28 in whose political rise he took special pride. In 1817, the new president, James Monroe and his wife Elizabeth, visited New England.

A month later, shortly after Adams had departed his presidency, the body of the troubled, alcoholic, and probably suicidal young man washed ashore. “Mostly, JQA spent the summer and autumn of 1829 trying to absorb the punishment of losing both a son and the presidency. ”6 Unpacking his books rekindled his old reading habits, and he continued writing as well. A spark that would re-ignite his political career came when friends—and an editorial in the Boston Courier designed probably to clear a presidential path for Henry Clay—urged him to run for a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

The British had burned the capitol during the War of 1812, and the fire destroyed the Library of Congress. He offered to sell his private collection to the government to replace the destroyed Library. ” The two former presidents had to struggle financially, as had Washington and as did many others to come. It was a century and a half after the Republic’s founding before Congress saw fit to provide a pension—or any regular form of support—to those who had served as president. Then, a plea from former president Harry Truman that there be some allowance for office expenses, led Congress finally to provide a pension as well (see Chapter 12).

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