Alcohol and Opiates. Neurochemical and Behavioral Mechanisms by Kenneth Blum

By Kenneth Blum

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32 BORIS TABAKOFF c Έ UJ 2-Λ ü. UJ Lü _J ω o Ί 6 3 4 ETHANOL (g/kg) 6-| Ä UJ ■ ^1 II. UJ 4 H GL l·- 3H < ■ U 11 5 i- Groups Cont. Cont. 3g/kg 4g/kg Cont. 11 Es 3 i£ 5g/kg ETHANOL Fig. 1. Mice were injected intraperitoneally with ethanol (3, 4 and 5 g/kg) twenty-six hours after withdrawal, and sleep time (time from loss of righting reflex to time that mice can right themselves twice within a thirty-second period) (A) and body temperature (B) were monitored. Since no differences in these parameters or blood ethanol levels were found between animals in Group 1 (control diet) and Group 2 (6-OHDA and control diet), the values obtained with these animals were pooled and are labelled "control".

Plenum P r e s s , New York, p . 1-36 ( 1 9 7 4 ) . Aurbach, A. A . : Synaptic Transmission and Neuronal Interaction. E d i t e d by B e n n e t , M. V. L . , Raven P r e s s , New York, p . 1 3 7 - 1 5 9 ( 1 9 7 4 ) . M e t c a l f e , J . C . , Seeman, P. and B u r g e n , A. S . V . : The proteon relaxation of benzyl alcohol in erythrocyte membranes. Molec. Pharmacol. -87-95 ( 1 9 6 8 ) . Seeman, P . : E r y t h r o c y t e membrane s t a b i l i z a t i o n by s t e r o i d s and a l c o h o l s : A p o s s i b l e model f o r a n e s t h e s i a .

Exp. Ther. 179:250-258 (1971). : Pharmacologic activity of the R (+) and S (-) stereoisomers of salsolinol and tetrahydropapaveroline. Finnish Found. Alcohol Stud. 25:197-206 (1975). Cubedau, L. : Nerve stimulation-mediated overflow of norepinephrine and dopamine-ß-hydroxylase III. Effects of norepinephrine depletion on the alpha BORIS TABAKOFF pre-synaptic regulation of r e l e a s e . Ther. 192:1-14 (1975). J. Pharm. Exp. Jobe, P. C , Picchioni, A. L. : Pole of brain norepinephrine in audiogenic seizures in the rat.

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