An algebraic approach to compiler design by Augusto Sampaio, Amast-Fund

By Augusto Sampaio, Amast-Fund

This booklet investigates the layout of compilers for procedural languages, in keeping with the algebraic legislation which those languages fulfill. the actual procedure followed is to lessen an arbitrary resource software to a basic general shape, able to representing an arbitrary objective laptop. this is often accomplished through a sequence of ordinary shape relief theorems that are proved algebraically from the extra easy legislation. the conventional shape and the comparable aid theorems can then be instantiated to layout compilers for particular aim machines. This constitutes the most novelty of the author's method of compilation, including the truth that the whole procedure is formalised inside of a unmarried and uniform semantic framework of a procedural language and its algberaic legislation. in addition, by means of mechanising the process utilizing the OBJ3 time period rewriting method it truly is proven prototype compiler is built as a byproduct of its personal facts of correctness.

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