An Ontology of Trash: The Disposable and Its Problematic by Greg Kennedy

By Greg Kennedy

Plastic baggage, newspapers, pizza containers, razors, watches, diapers, toothbrushes … What makes something disposable? Which of its homes permits us to regard it as though it didn't subject, or as though it really lacked subject? Why accomplish that many gadgets seem to us as not anything greater than short flashes among checkout-line and landfill? In An Ontology of Trash, Greg Kennedy inquires into the that means of disposable items and explores the character of our prodigious refuse. he is taking trash as a true ontological challenge due to our unsettled relation to nature. The metaphysical force from immanence to transcendence leaves us in an alien international of gadgets tired of significant actual presence. for that reason, they develop into interpreted as beings that by some means primarily lack being, and exist in our technological international purely to vanish. Kennedy explores this complicated nature and appears for probabilities of salutary swap.

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Since the human body consists of nothing but limits all the way down to its very spatial extension, its maintenance has very definite requirements. Whatever exceeds these said requirements is excessive. So, while the symbolic significance of the feast preserves it in the abundance of nature, the loss of this significance leaves room for the deluges of excess. Indefinitely prolonged feasting must end in mere gluttony—the excessive consumption that defies the body’s limited needs as well as the brief taste of immortality offered to the spirit enthralled within the limits of the feast.

Because the entire society operates on the principle of emulative wasting, every member of this society necessarily performs in its codified consumption. An individual can, of course, assume a greater or lesser role in the performance, but cannot completely exit the stage while remaining a part of the cultural play. In this way the “ritual” is personally manipulative. The manipulation, furthermore, does not stop at the participants; it penetrates with even greater force into the objects of consumption.

While our bodily need seems to solicit beings into presence, it can do so only by virtue of an a priori covenant between need and presence, which in fact presses the need into service. When manifest, beings appropriate the sensitive body. But this body is not to be thought of as independent of its appropriation. Rather, it exists precisely and only as this ransom, sacrifice, or servant to beings. Physicality is the meadow across which Being blooms. Consequently, the body suffers the same epochal transformations as Being and vice versa.

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