Ancient History from the Monuments: Persia from the Earliest by William Sandys W. Vaux

By William Sandys W. Vaux

This Elibron Classics e-book is a facsimile reprint of a 1876 variation by way of Scribner, Armstrong & Co., ny.

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On the death of Cyrus, a conqueror rather than an administrator, his vast domains, mainly descended to his eldest son Cambyses, but Cyrus, at the same time, arranged that his second son, Bardes, or, as he is called HISTORY OF PERSIA. 32 in Greek history, Smerdis, should receive certain pro- vinces as his patrimony; a plan, in itself sufficiently questionable, especially in an empire as yet scarcely organized, and one therefore promptly put an end to Bardes, by his orders, was slain by by Cambyses.

Nor, indeed, is there any reason for of Hero- essential error in the narrative suspecting any and the account he gives dotus, stantially true : for may b^ taken as many persons must have been subalive wrote, only forty years after these events, who could and would have contradicted him, had his history when he been grossly inaccurate. Xerxes, after passing the winter at Sardis, advanced he had already directed the different contingents of his vast army to converge. to the Hellespont, whither Though numbers given by Herodotus doubtless the exceed th3 reality, the actual contributions of forty- provinces must have Moreover, this produced an enormous multitude.

521, it would seem, with little opposition from at first, as the provinces immediately around him, but this period of repose was of brief duration, and he soon encountered a series of formidable rebellions in many parts of his extensive dominions, and was in fact occupied fully six years in gradually stamping out their ashes. Some of these, though not all, nected with the overthrow of were doubtless con- Magism ; but those of the greatest importance, such as the first revolt of Babylon, and those of Assyria and Egypt, had pro- bably little or nothing to do with religious matters HISTORY OF PERSIA.

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