''. . . And Gulliver Returns'' ---In Search of Utopia--- by Lemuel Gulliver XVI and Jacqueline Slow

By Lemuel Gulliver XVI and Jacqueline Slow

Commander Lemuel Gulliver XVI returns to Earth after a 25 12 months odyssey round the sunlight approach looking planetary houses for the world’s extra inhabitants. He came across none. On touching down in California he discusses with a television information anchor the issues because of overpopulation and a few solutions.
His 3 most sensible associates arrive and so they start to plan their journey vacationing a few nations that experience made significant development in inhabitants control—and a few that experience overlooked the matter.
The many difficulties of the area, equivalent to warming, water scarcities, the getting older populations, poverty, unlawful immigration, non secular trust and disbelief, morality and values, and non secular terrorism are interrelated. The exploration of those matters, with a purpose to be extra totally mentioned within the succeeding books, are began the following.

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But how about filling us in on what you see as the background of the problem. ” POPULATION CONTROL AND REDUCTION —“Well Con, as I had mentioned to Chet, look at the way world population has increased. In all of human history it took us until 1800 to reach a billion people. Now we have 7 billion. And we are expecting it to be 9 to 10 billion in 2050. If the population continues at its current rate, by the year 2855 it has been estimated that there will be about 20 people per square foot of land and sea on this planet.

In just five years, in 2025, there will be 8 billion people on earth. ” —“Stick around a few minutes, I see my buddies coming up the hill. They just turned up Crest Drive and will be here at Flathead Trail in a minute or two. They are my oldest and dearest friends. Funny, in high school we were like peas in a pod. We thought alike. We acted alike. We played the same sports and were in the same club at LA High, the Saints. ” REACTIONARY AND LIBERAL —“We‟re going to have a huge several month long reunion because they are going to travel the world with me on a combination fact-finding tour and vacation.

The Thuggee sect of the goddess Kali sacrificed a half million in India. ” —“Chet, let‟s not forget ethnic and religious cleansing. Between 100,000 and a million American Indians were killed by the good Christian invaders. In Australia 300,000 Australian aborigines were eliminated in their own land by the white settlers. And of course 6 million Jews, gypsies and other religiously or ethnically objectionable people were gassed by the Nazis. “Just looking at the 19th century, the large and small wars, famines and uprisings killed about 54 million during the century.

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