ANOTHER EMPIRE? A Decade of Turkey's Foreign Policy under by Kerem & Kadioglu, Ayse & Karli, Mehmet Öktem

By Kerem & Kadioglu, Ayse & Karli, Mehmet Öktem

Politicial technology : forty three 309 pages.

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It may not come as a surprise, then, that the second ‘model moment’ followed the series of uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen in 2011. And indeed, the Turkish government supported the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, even if it was slow to do so in Libya, where it had considerable business interests in the form of investments exceeding 15 billion USD and an expatriate population of 25,000 (Tocci 2011, p. 3). In Syria, the AKP government was initially oscillating between appeasement and significant concerns over the developing civil war before it decided to support the Syrian National Council and host the Free Syrian Army.

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In the future, Turkey will need to walk an ever-tightening rope in order to preserve the stability of its relations with Iran. This delicate walk will require exceptional strategic prudence and diplomatic pragmatism on the part of Turkish decision makers. Another ‘litmus test for Turkey’s new foreign policy’ in its Eastern neighbourhood, argues Aybars Görgülü, is the ‘historical rapprochement with Armenia’. Analysing the recent changes in Armenia-Turkey relations, Görgülü makes two propositions on the regional and domestic levels.

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