Atlas Nazi Germany: Political Social Anatomy (2nd Edition) by Michael Freeman, Jayne Lewin, Tim Mason

By Michael Freeman, Jayne Lewin, Tim Mason

Initially released in hardback in simple terms in 1987, Michael Freeman's important advisor to the heritage of Nazi Germany now returns to print in a considerably revised moment variation. facing all points of the Nazi regime, it really is way over simply an atlas: the mixing of the maps themselves with charts and different visually-displayed info, and an intensive and authoritative statement, makes this a ebook to learn in addition to to consult.

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The President held Hitler and his Party in distasteand would not countenanceHitler as chancellor or in any other prominent cabinet position. The prospectof a Hitler coalition, meanwhile,evaporatedwhen Chancellorvon Papenobtaineda presidentialdecreefor dissolving the Reichstagbeforeit had even sat. The new Reichstagelections on 6 November 1932 saw the Nazis lose 40 NSDAP (Nazi Party) 30 (Social Democratic SPD Party) 20 ZEN y) TRUM ZENTRUM (Centre Part Fig. 16 Share of popular vote of main political parties, 1924-32 KPD (Communist Party) ZENTRUM (Centre Party) 20 DNVP (National People's Party) DVP (People's Party) 0 May May Dec.

3), while unresteruptedall over Germany. 4). By late October, open clasheswere occurring in Rhinelandcities. Dissentin Bavaria gathered momentumin late Septemberwith the declarationof a state of emergency and in late October with the nullification of an earlier Bavarian decree putting the Law for the Protectionof the Republic into effect. In Saxonyand Thuringia, meanwhile, leftist movementshad advancedsufficiently to be offered representationin their respectiveLand governmentsby mid-October. The Reich government'sattempt to restore its authority by peaceful means met with little success.

Moreover, at a time when the loyalty of the Reichswehr to the government was under strain from a conservativemonarchistconspiracy,the option of military force was less than automatic. But the communists in Saxony and Thuringia soon rescued the Reich government. By calling for resistanceana violence against troops, they provided a clear excusefor the intervention of the Reichswehr,whereupon social democratic governmentswere quickly reinstatedin both Lander. The organisationof the coup had been inept: for instance,vital communicationoffices were left untouched; but more significant was the tenuous unity of the Bavarian right - Hitler intent upon personal dictatorship while others sought restoration of the Bavarianmonarchy.

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