Axiom by Daly T.

By Daly T.

It is a educational creation to the Axiom desktop Algebra process. It comprises examples that illustrate many of the simple talents.

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The so-called “minus minus” comments are ignored everywhere. 5 Control of Result Types In earlier sections the type of an expression was converted to another via the “::” operator. However, this is not the only method for converting between types and two other operators need to be introduced and explained. The first operator is “$” and is used to specify the package to be used to calculate the result. 6666666666 6666666667 Type: Float tells Axiom to use the “/” operator from the Float package to evaluate the expression 2/3.

The “%%” macro is available which takes a single integer argument. If the argument is positive then it refers to the step number of the calculation where the numbering begins from one and can be seen at the end of each prompt (the number in parentheses). If the argument is negative then it refers to previous results counting backwards from the last result. That is, “%%(-1)” is the same as “%”. The value of “%%(0)” is not defined and will generate an error if requested. 4. 3 33 Splitting Expressions Over Several Lines Although Axiom will quite happily accept expressions that are longer than the width of the screen (just keep typing without pressing the Return key) it is often preferable to split the expression being entered at a point where it would result in more readable input.

To do this the underscore “ ” symbol is placed before the break point and then the Return key is pressed. The rest of the expression is typed on the next line, can be preceeded by any number of whitespace chars, for example: 2_ +_ 3 5 Type: PositiveInteger The underscore symbol is an excape character and its presence alters the meaning of the characters that follow it. As mentions above whitespace following an underscore is ignored (the Return key generates a whitespace character). Any other character following an underscore loses whatever special meaning it may have had.

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