Baguazhang Volume 1 by Erle Montaigue

By Erle Montaigue

Baguazhang is related to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mum of the 3 inner platforms. it's one of many most recent chinese language healing/martial arts of the inner approach and comprises some of the best of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to some of the best of the Buddhism or Taoism struggling with arts.

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Your right palm will also snake up underneath this attacker’s left shoulder. ) As the 2nd attacker throws a right hook, your left palm, which is now free, heavily blocks the 2nd attacker’s inner forearm at ‘neigwan’ (PC 6) and then glances up into his CV 22 point. ) Baguazhang The Complete System: Page 53 MONKEY SITS IN CAVE TO EAT THE FRUIT: • HEALING: Monkey Eats the Fruit: Ever watchful and crouched down so as not to be seen. Works upon he body's energy system and boosts the way the body uses energy.

His other hand will wave as he takes the fruit. The taking hand is smooth and cautious. Works upon the Small Intestine and Spleen. Turn the right foot weighted slightly to the left and turn the left palm over to palm up as the right palm rises. PHOTO NO. 69. Take a big step with the left foot onto the circumference back the other way and sweep the right palm downward in an arc and up, turning the fingers up to strike at the eyes or the throat. The right palm does a circle upward in a counter clockwise direction and ends up by your right side.

So this posture will help also to ‘push’ that mountain into the sea. However, it comes with a warning. The ‘sea’ is the kidneys and so all of the poisons that are built up in the body will be forced out through the kidneys! So if you are not very clean internally through eating rubbish for years, then it is advisable not to perform this Qigong! You should do a couple of short fasts prior and only eat apples for The Circular Form: Page 60 a couple of days. Then go onto a green drink made from all green leaves, such as spinach, lettuce, celery, kale etc.

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