Biodiversity and Conservation of the Yucatán Peninsula by Gerald Alexander Islebe, Sophie Calmé, Jorge L. León-Cortés,

By Gerald Alexander Islebe, Sophie Calmé, Jorge L. León-Cortés, Birgit Schmook

This booklet presents info suitable for the conservation of biodiversity and the sound administration of the coastal and wooded area ecosystems of the Yucatan Peninsula within the face of world switch. a number of features of the biodiversity of the Yucatan Peninsula are analyzed in an integrative demeanour, together with phenological, ecophysiological, ecological and conservation elements of crops and animals and their relationships with people in coastal and woodland ecosystems.

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2003; Hodell et al. 2005; Carrillo-Bastos et al. 2010; Medina-Elizalde and Rohling 2012). , it is found between two regions with different environmental histories. The organisms that comprise these realms have differents histories of origin and distribution. The geographical location between North America and Meso America, is fundamental for the origin of its high biodiversity. The biogeographic analyses for the YP have been carried out for more than 70 years. Stand out the phytogeographic work of Lundell (1934), and the biogeographic work of Barrera (1962), based on endemic species of flora and fauna respectively.

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