Body Parts on Planet Slum: Women and Telenovelas in Brazil by Lisa Beljuli Brown

By Lisa Beljuli Brown

Based on a year’s examine from inside of a Brazilian slum, this learn follows a chain of unemployed ladies who watch as much as six hours of telenovelas an afternoon, frequently in the course of hard actual labour in the house. the ladies undergo when it comes to their our bodies, yet concurrently put money into a masochistic glorification of pain that hyperlinks their lives to the cleaning soap operas, revealing aggravating valuations of the feminine physique that traverse fact and fiction. via its exploration of this day-by-day integration of genuine agony and fictional glamour and wealth, ‘Body components on Planet Slum’ finds how delusion and social exclusion can jointly set off a kind of mental survivalism, allowing those ladies to reconfigure the imperative positive factors in their lifestyles – their pain, excitement, sexuality and embodiment.

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It was Nilzete, whom I later found out was 36. She had difficulty standing. Beyond her I could see a mass of seminaked bodies piled next to each other on the cement floor, feet pointing towards the television. They were lying on bits of foam. Apart from a single bed and a table, the television was the only piece of furniture. Nilzete apologized and explained that they all go to bed early because there is nothing else for them to do. When she heard that I was interested in telenovelas she became animated, saying ‘They save me, they save me.

This is an activity of a minority of the local residents, and stems from a mixture of liberation theology Catholicism, scientific Marxism and Marxist-Leninism. 14 The second story is based on the fairytale world of the telenovela. This is one of the central ways that the majority of women in the bairros, who are officially classified as inactive or unemployed, find out about the wider social world and give positive meaning to their lives. They also believe that whatever happens in the real world is God’s will and there is little they can do to alter this.

According to McCallum (1995, 20) the official minimum wage of 1993 was effectively only 14 per cent of the original minimum wage of 1940. In 2000 the minimum wage increased from 136 reais to 151 reais per month. 8 reais. THEODICY AND IDEOLOGY 7 to an unofficial car park attendant. Those who work officially (with signed work cards) may do so as bus drivers, bus conductors, or as security guards and night watchman in one of the shoppings (shopping centres), banks, or blocks of luxury flats. Conversely, Jardim Cruzeiro is in the north of Salvador, which used to contain a thriving cocoa butter industry that has since moved.

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