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Therefore, in this system we have unrelated units. WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE BASIC UNIT OF TIME ? The basic practical unit of time is the mean Solar day. We define all other time units in terms of it. 51 A mean solar day is based on the average time needed for the earth to turn once on its axis. 103 WHAT IS A 'COMPLEX FRACTION' ? A complex fraction has a fraction or mixed number for one or both of its terms, thus: ( - ) ; or ( 7 4 ) ; or (-) 9| s 6 104 WHAT IS 'IMPROPER' ABOUT AN IMPROPER FRACTION ?

The bar over the number is a shorthand way of showing those numbers are repeated. 31 57WHAT IS 'ARITHMETICAL MEAN' ? The Arithmetical Mean of any number of quantities is the sum of those quantities divided by their number. It can be called the sum of any number of consecutive terms of an Arithmetical Progression divided by the terms taken. 58 WHERE DOES THE PHRASE 'PERCENT' COME FROM ? PERCENT comes from the Latin words PER CENTUM meaning 'by the hundred' or 'for every hundred'. The number expressed as a percent is being compared with a second number called the standard or BASE by dividing the base into 100 equal parts and writing the comparison number as so many hundredths of the base.

D for down. 68 WHAT ARE 'CUMULATIVE SYMBOLS' ? They are marks or signs (x) meaning multiplied by or (-r) meaning divided by. 35 28 WHEN YOU SAY 'DEDUCE' IN ARITHMETIC, WHAT ACTUALLY DO YOU MEAN ? Deduce actually means to infer something from information obtained. In other words, to derive or draw a conclusion by reasoning from given principles. HOW DOES 'DEDUCE' RELATE TO DEDUCTION ? Deduction is a noun derived from the verb 'Deduct'. If derived from Deduce it means to infer, to draw conclusions by reasoning from given principles.

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