Build iOS Database Apps with Swift and SQLite by Kevin Languedoc

By Kevin Languedoc

This booklet leads you thru the basic suggestions and new iOS 10 SDK and speedy three programming language APIs to construct iPhone and iPad database pushed purposes utilizing the defacto regular for facts garage for cellular apps, SQLite. Readers will find out about SQL operations like deciding on, putting, updating and deleting information utilizing numerous info kinds like textual content, numerical forms, photographs or even audio/video facts. After operating via this booklet, you are going to achieve a professional view of constructing iOS apps utilizing SQlite as an information garage utilizing Objective-C and quick. With construct iOS Database Apps with speedy and SQLite additionally, you will achieve professional wisdom on easy methods to create databases at runtime, together with growing or enhancing indexes, triggers, tables, columns, and perspectives. The examples use time-tested code from operating purposes.

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Select the file and click the Add button. By default, the file is added to the selected directory or group, if you selected a group. You can drag and drop the database file anywhere in the Explorer. However, as I mentioned earlier, the SQLite database file is read-only in this location. You need to copy or move the file to the Documents directory to ensure that it's writable. For this example, I will add code to the AppDelegate application's didFinishLaunchWithOptions method to copy the database file to the Documents directory.

DetailViewController } var statuscode:integer_t=0 //There is no error checking but you should have it in a production app //You should see if database is present and open also. fromCString(sqlite3_errmsg(db))! }else{ errmsg = "query was successful" } } return errmsg } 34 CHAPTER 3 ■ CREATING DATABASES DURING RUNTIME Next, the function preps the query string by removing the newline character \n using stringByReplacingOccurencesOfString, because, if you remember, the templates that I defined included the newline character, as I wanted them to display properly in the SQL editor, which I will show later.

The second parameter is a SELECT query that will be used to populate the TableView in the MasterViewController. The function will return an array of Strings. I could replace this with a custom type property, but this design works fine for my demonstration needs in this app, especially since I am only returning a list of database schema names from the sqlite_master table. 31 CHAPTER 3 ■ CREATING DATABASES DURING RUNTIME After defining the return array variable, I create a DetailViewController variable and assign it the actual DetailViewController object from the DetailViewController by using the isKindOfClass method.

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