Building a Web site with Ajax by Larry Ullman

By Larry Ullman

Ajax is on the middle of the internet 2.0 revolution. it is not a know-how yet, particularly, is a method that leverages different applied sciences and methods, reminiscent of CSS, XML, DHTML, and XHTML. Many internet designers and programmers want to include Ajax of their initiatives as a result of the impressive performance it could possibly upload to an internet site, yet they can not end result of the steep studying curve. that is the place this e-book steps in. It makes studying Ajax enjoyable and straightforward -- a great spot to begin! visible QuickProject courses concentrate on a unmarried undertaking. accordingly the venture is making a company worker listing, like an deal with ebook. what is being created is a greater, new type of website.

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End of init() function. 2 The init() function calls the getXMLHttpRequestObject() function to get a valid, browserspecific object. browsing using Ajax 3 The init() function then checks to see if the ajax variable has a valid value. With supported browsers, ajax will be an XMLHttpRequest object. With nonsupported browsers, ajax will have a value of false, and this conditional will be false. 29 set up the Ajax Now the JavaScript should tell the browser what actions should be taken when certain events occur.

4 Save this file as mysql. html. 18 browsing employees create a style sheet The CSS style sheet is a separate document that dictates how the pages look. Create a new file in your test editor or IDE, containing this code. error { font-weight: bold; color: #C00 } #results { border: medium solid #390; display: none; padding-left: 10px; width: 300px; } The body section sets the default font for the entire HTML page. The second section formats text with a class value of name. php. The third section applies some formatting to any errors (which will have a class value of error), like those created in both PHP scripts.

3 Because the PHP page’s results come from a database, a special PHP script will be written on pages 18 solely for the purpose of connecting to the database. 4 On pages 19-20, a very simple style sheet will be made and added to the HTML page, giving the Web pages a slightly (but only slightly) more attractive appearance. 5 As a last step, we’ll test what we’ve built to make sure it all works. At the end of this chapter, in the extra bits section, you’ll find more information, tips, and recommendations regarding all of these steps.

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