Cactus And Succulent Plants: Status Survey And Conservation by IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara

By IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara Oldfield

Found in various kinds, cacti and different succulents have elicited common curiosity and large recognition all over the world. even if the topic of a certain quantity of discussion, approximately 10,000 species are well-known as belonging to the succulent workforce. of those, an expected 2,000 are threatened with international extinction within the wild and lots of extra are locally or nationally threatened ordinarily because of habitat destruction and assortment for foreign trade.This motion Plan brings jointly from worldwide present info on inhabitants prestige, threats and conservation of this fairly very important team of crops. ready with conservationists, scientists, governments, secure quarter managers and grant-awarding our bodies in brain, it indicates priorities for motion and encourages collaboration between events in any respect degrees.

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It is not easily eradicated and in some places has spread to the detriment of the natural vegetation, not only in Africa but also elsewhere in tropical regions. As a succulent species it is listed under Appendix II of CITES and thus protected, but can always be easily distinguished from ‘look-alike’ species by its distinctively striated branches. However, the pair-spined succulents provide the greatest number of species north of South Africa. The range in habit is very wide from trees and shrubs, to succulent-stemmed herbs.

The species which contain alkaloids or bufadienolides, are generally unpalatable or even poisonous. (Hylotelephium, Orostachys, Rhodiola, Rosularia, Sedum). A remarkable feature of the Asian Crassulaceae is the predominance of taxa with annual, leafy, flowering shoots in combination with a rhizome (Rhodiola, c. , Sedum sect. ) or tuberous roots (Hylotelephium, c. ). Rhodiola is mainly found at high altitudes in the Himalayas, whereas Hyloptelephium and Sedum sect. Aizoon occur at less elevated and more mesic habitats from south-western China to eastern Asia.

Besides, the new genus Amphipetalum recently described from Argentina (Bacigalupo 1988) seems to be closely related to Talinum. Also, the relationship between Calyptrotheca and Talinum should be re-evaluated. In recent years, there have been several attempts to re-examine the generic relationship within the family. A synoptical classification of Portulacaceae was proposed by McNeil1 (1974). This showed, however, that many questions concerning the systematics of portulacaceous genera still remain to be answered.

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