Challenging Heterosexism From the Other Point of View: by Dana Frei

By Dana Frei

In place of a lot of their extra reserved predecessors, sleek tv serials reminiscent of Queer as Folk and The L Word, which focus predominantly on queer characters, dare to incorporate quite a few hugely debatable tale traces, function specific intercourse scenes and mirror upon formerly tabooed points of their depiction of homosexuality.
Challenging Heterosexism from the different Point of View discusses how those in particular queer exhibits satisfy a functionality of difficult institutionalized attitudes of society, corresponding to dichotomous notions of gender, heterosexism or homophobia. additionally, the query is raised whether or not they additionally serve to do the other accidentally, by way of reinforcing stereotypes and probably making a quite inflexible picture of the idea that of gay id. The complexity of the cultural influence recommended through those sequence defines the focus of the qualitative content material research of those cutting edge media items.

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The characters Will and Ellen were the ones best remembered and liked. Both of them were mostly seen as positive characters. Another finding of the study was that those participants who knew a likable gay character were less likely to have homophobic tendencies. Bond-Raacke at al. 27 Testing such a claim is hardly possible, unfortunately. Moreover, the whole study is based on a rather questionable chicken-andegg-situation. After all, truly homophobic viewers are much less likely to watch any show on a gay protagonist in the first place.

5 In short, queer studies mostly attempts to analyse social discourse on certain issues in order to expose the meanings and values at its foundation, facilitating potential ideological and cultural change. Moreover, the emergence of an academic field focusing entirely on queer issues is also part of the larger political goal of a number of marginal social groups to achieve visibility, acknowledgement, a social position, and thereby a certain degree of political power. Studying queer identities in academic research ascribes social relevance to them.

As Creeber states, both of these forms of representation emerge out of a clearly heteronormative perspective, defining homosexuality as deviant from the norm: As a result, gays and lesbians were nearly always portrayed as a problem (both for the individual and society); something to be worked through, suffered, or at best, tolerated. 20 Othering homosexuality in such a way can draw attention to those who do not fit social norms, thus heightening their visibility and potentially raising a general social awareness.

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