Cherished Heirlooms by Dorothy Mullins

By Dorothy Mullins

Книга на английском языке с хорошими иллюстрациями. Подробно рассказывается как маслом и акрилью рисовать цветы: климатисы, рододедрон и др.

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Some 10,000 Jesuits worked around the world, with 340 in the English Province; in 1859, there had been 250; in 1879, there would be 440. ' Its present (comparative) prosperity was remarkable for an order that had been suppressed worldwide in the latter part of the eighteenth century and persecuted in the one that followed in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. Persecution was not seen by the Society as a sign of its own failings but rather as recognition of its opposition to questionable trends in modem life: one polemical convert to Catholicism writing in 1877 claimed that Jesuits were the 'only men who can successfully keep down Socialism' in a Europe 'now a mine charged with revolution'< Yet, at least in the spiritual sense, St Ignatius was a reformer.

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