Ciba Foundation Symposium 125 - Junctional Complexes of

Epithelial cells disguise the outer and internal surfaces of the physique, forming a selective polarized barrier among the intercellualar area and the 'external' global. Linking the cells of this non-stop layer and contributing to epithelial association and serve as are really expert membrane domains--desmosomes, hole junctions, and occluding junctions. The participants to this multidisciplinary symposium quantity discover the character of such junctional constructions, targeting the molecular association and variety in their constituent proteins, their formation and keep an eye on, and interactions with ions and cytoskeletal components. The physiological importance of cell-cell interplay in epithelia is taken into account, near to mobilephone adhesion, barrier formation and intercellular verbal exchange, and to the sensible implications for tissue structure, embryonic improvement, morphogenesis and carcinogenesis.


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The problem with the adhering junction is that it does not have a very consistent and conspicuous structure by electron microscopy of thin sections or freeze fracture. Unwin: Surely it is disturbing if in one cell type the apposing membranes are very close and in other cell types they are quite far apart. That suggests that there are not specific molecules holding them together. Frunke: This is difficult to say. Your question is: if we don’t see a regular intercellular structure connecting the membranes, why do we call it a junction?

Could the fuzzy material be keratin instead? 6, extraction removes most of the keratin from a preparation of isolated desmosomes but the filamentous material remains. It can be removed by a procedure employing metrizamide (Gorbsky & Steinberg 1981). When the metrizamide extracts of this fuzzy material are analysed quantitatively by SDS-PAGE, they are found to contain mostly plaque proteins, but there is still a small contamination with keratins (Gorbsky et a1 1985). Gilulu: Could you amplify your thoughts on the importance of adhesion, and specifically of desmosomes, in embryogenesis?

Identification of band 5 protein in cultured calf lens cells (same as Fig. 1. Left, CoomassieBlue staining of polypeptides of a cytoskeletal fraction (treated with high salt buffer and Triton X-100; cf. The white dot marks the position of vimentin, the only IF protein present in these cells. 1. Note that at least a portion of the plaquebound band 5 protein is resistant to this extraction. cells of lens tissue (not shown), lens cell cultures (Fig. 8a), Sertoli cells and pigment cells of the retina (not shown).

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