Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and by George Reese

By George Reese

E-book offers a very good review of cloud architectures and top practices, with a slant in the direction of architecting transactional web-based platforms for safeguard, failure restoration, and so forth. Heavy emphasis on Amazon S3, EC2 and similar choices, so while you are serious about deploying to Amazon's cloud, a great review. great brief ebook at a hundred and fifty pages, effortless to learn in a couple of settings. but when you're new to this house, an outstanding review does not must be one thousand pages to get you going. additionally encompasses a couple of appendices that describe Amazon APIs and different cloud ISPs equivalent to Rackspace. i like to recommend this booklet while you are a short assessment of architectures and dialogue of concerns you must take into consideration to accommodate safeguard, information integrity, charges, catastrophe restoration. Your number of cloud supplier will not be Amazon, yet those concerns must be thought of regardless.

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Infrastructure As a Service The focus of this book is the idea of IaaS. I spend a lot of time in this book using examples from the major player in this environment, Amazon Web Services. A number of significant AWS competitors exist who have different takes on the IaaS problem. These different approaches have key value propositions for different kinds of cloud customers. AWS is based on pure virtualization. Amazon owns all the hardware and controls the network infrastructure, and you own everything from the guest operating system up.

Amazon S3 enables you to place persistent data into the cloud and retrieve it at a later date with a near certainty that it will be there in one consistent piece when you get it back. Its key benefit is that you can simply continue to shove data into Amazon S3 and never worry about running out of storage space. In short, for most users, S3 serves as a short-term or long-term backup facility. CLEVERSAFE STORAGE Cloud storage systems have unique challenges that legacy storage technologies cannot address.

EC2 servers in particular see both cost savings and greater efficiencies in accessing S3. To secure your network within the cloud, you can control virtual firewall rules that define how traffic can be filtered to your virtual nodes. You define routing rules by creating security groups and associating the rules with those groups. Com allows port 80 and port 443 traffic from the public Internet into its servers, but allows no other incoming traffic. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon S3 is cloud-based data storage accessible in real time via a web services API from anywhere on the Internet.

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