Complete Spanner's Workshop Manual for: Lambretta by Martin 'Sticky' Round

By Martin 'Sticky' Round

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Indian crankwebs tend to be a tighter fit on the crankpin than many of the 'race' cranks and as such are more resistant to twisting out of line. Sy far the most common modification nowadays is the fitment of a GP200-type crankshaft (which has a thicker flywheel taper) to any earlier models so that an unmodified GP electronic ignition can be filled. This is virtually essential on any highly tuned machine and advisable on all others if only for the convenience of electronic ignition and the superior lighting offered by 12-volt electrics.

TIP If the high spots are the result of damage to the casing itself, trim with a knife or file away the high spots. When the mag housing is a perfect fi t it should be greased and you should be able to fully seat it without undue force. With the pedal removed, next take off the circlip and spacing shim washer. On GP models the shaft is now free to be removed once unhooked from the internal spring. Side Casing ('Chaincase') Check While there are plenty of variations, side casings thai will fit a Series 3 Lambretla come in three basic types: • Series 1 & 2: These are easily identifiable by the extended lug for the kickstart pedal's rubber slop.

If it won't tum, clean out any dirt with a small screwdriver. On very early machines, the dust cover may be retained by screws instead of a clrclip. The only good way to hold a Lambretta flywheel while the nut is undone is using a dedicated flywheel holding 1001. These are available In various sizes to fil flywheels with different numbers of slots. With the nut undone, screw in a lambretta f1y>Nheel puller. Spanish Motoplat f1y>Nheels use a different extractor thread. Double-ended tools are available that work on both Italian and Spanish flyw heel threads.

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