Computation of language by Roland Hausser, Dana Scott

By Roland Hausser, Dana Scott

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Our notion of database semantics does not mean a semantics for databases, 13 but a semantics expressed in the form of minimal databases. 4. 3 like XXXX X ... XXXX . XX . friends brothers . is-a .. ,@ ,@ ... FIDO agent dog felix fritz patient eddie zach How does this new database come about? 3 we may distinguish two kinds of llers: llers like NP-1_1_1 which dominate other slots, and llers like FIDO-1_1_1, which do not. Let us call the former kind non-terminal llers and the later kind terminal llers.

209 f, 221 f. The principle of immediate constituents will lead us, for example, to class a form like gentlemanly not as a compound word, but as a derived secondary word, since the immediate constituents are the bound form -ly and the underlying form gentleman op. , p. 210. This example is also discussed in Harris 1951, pp. 278  280, who presents immediate constituents in a more technical style, based on the notions sequence, class, and substitution. The methodology of substitution testsagain mainly in morphologyis due to Harris.

9 At the University of Munich, students who had never used computers before mastered LAgrammar writing within a few weeks. , the motor, the rule-compiler, and the hash-table function. 1. 2. NEWCAT parsers package rpi of ri is applied to the output of ri a new sentence start and the third word, etc. 2 Peter gave Fido the bone.  Linear Analysis: *START_0 1 NH PETER N D A V GAVE *NOM+FVERB_3 2 D A V PETER GAVE N-H FIDO *FVERB+MAIN_4 3 A V PETER GAVE FIDO GQ THE *FVERB+MAIN_4 4 GQ V PETER GAVE FIDO THE S-H BONE *DET+NOUN_2 5 V PETER GAVE FIDO THE BONE V DECL .

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