Computer-Related Risks by Peter G. Neumann

By Peter G. Neumann

In accordance with information accumulated via the writer as a part of ACM's overseas hazards discussion board, this e-book comprises money owed of mishaps attributed to desktops and the folks utilizing them--some funny, and a few tragic. Neumann characterizes other kinds of computer-related hazards, discusses chance motives and results, and considers their implications. He additionally indicates how you can reduce dangers sooner or later.

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If Netscape had used their stack inspection-based permission model for this security check, the problem would not have occurred. However, LaDue was unable to break the type system directly, because Netscape was identifying types correctly by (name, ClassLoader) pairs, not just names. AppletClassLoader. subclass of AppletClassLoader implemented a final method for the upcall from the JVM to the ClassLoader, so we were unable to intercept name lookups. We overcame this difficulty by taking advantage of a bug in the AppletClassLoader implementation: it first called findLoadedClass, looking in the ClassLoader’s internal hash table, before calling findSystemClass, to ask the NULL ClassLoader for a definition of a class.

4 Name mangling only pre- vents accidents; it does not prevent a malicious programmer from creating a type error. The SPIN project at the University of Washington [BSP+ 95] and the Flux Project at the University of Utah [FBB+ 97] address dynamic linking for an operating systems viewpoint [SFPB96, OBLM93]. The SPIN work does not describe the mechanics of linking in detail; rather it focuses on access control via linking. Our work [WBDF97] with name space management is similar. The Flux work focuses on the implementation of a flexible and efficient dynamic linking mechanism; it does not discuss type safety.

This chapter considers the security-critical interaction of linking and type checking. 3 Informal Problem Statement The Java runtime system may interleave type checking, linking, and program execution [GJS96]. The implementation from JavaSoft (and used by Netscape in their 53 Web browser) takes advantage of this freedom. Because most implementations of Java are statically typed, we need to be sure that a linking action cannot invalidate the results of previously performed type checking. If linking could invalidate type checking, then a Java system would be vulnerable to a time-of-check-to-time-ofuse (TOCTTOU) attack [Neu95].

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