Conceptual Modelling and Its Theoretical Foundations: Essays by Antje Düsterhöft, Meike Klettke, Klaus-Dieter Schewe

By Antje Düsterhöft, Meike Klettke, Klaus-Dieter Schewe

This Festschrift, released in honor of Bernhard Thalheim at the get together of his sixtieth birthday provides 20 articles by way of colleagues from around the globe with whom Bernhard Thalheim had cooperation in a number of respects; additionally integrated is a systematic biography contributed by way of the quantity editors. The 20 contributions mirror the breadth and the intensity of the paintings of Bernhard Thalheim in conceptual modeling and database conception in the course of his clinical occupation spanning greater than 35 years of energetic learn. specifically, ten articles are concentrating on themes like database dependency concept, object-oriented databases, triggers, summary kingdom machines, database and data structures layout, net semantics, and enterprise processes.

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The third author is partly supported by the Swedish Research Council grant 2009-4489 and the project ”Digital Zoo” funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The second author is partly supported of the Commissions the European Communities grant PIRSES-GA 2008-230804 ”Marie Curie Actions”. : Gaussian limits for generalized spacings. Ann. Appl. Probab. : Record linkage: statistical models for matching computer records. Jour. Royal Stat. Soc. Ser. : On Solutions to Multivariate Maximum α-entropy Problems.

Xr1 ; y1 , . . , ym , Ym+1 , . . , Yr2 ), (2) i=1 and 2 σl,m, := Var(ψl,m,n (X1 , . . , Xl ; Y1 , . . , Ym )). Let S1 , S2 ∈ Sn1 ,r1 and T1 , T2 ∈ Sn2 ,r2 have l and m elements in common, respectively. By properties of U -statistics, we have ˜ n,r ) = b (d)−2(r−1) vn2 = Var(Q r1 r2 l=0 m=0 r1 l r2 m n1 −r1 r1 −l n1 n2 r1 r2 n2 −r2 r2 −m 2 , σl,m, (3) and 2 σl,m, = Cov(ψn (S1 ; T1 ), ψn (S2 ; T2 )). (4) 2 ≤ E(ψn (S1 ; T1 )ψn (S2 ; T2 )), which is a finite From (4) we get that 0 ≤ σl,m, (1) linear combination of P (Ai (u) Ai (2) ∩ Aj ), i ∈ S1 , j ∈ S2 , where, for u = 1, 2, := {d(Xi , Xk ) ≤ , d(Xi , Ys ) ≤ , ∀k ∈ Su , ∀s ∈ Tu }, i ∈ Su .

893, pp. 266–279. : Asymptotic properties of keys and functional dependencies in random databases. Theor. : Functional dependencies in random databases. Studia Scien. Math. : Probability: Theory and Examples. : Maximum-entropy Models in Science and Engineering. : Entropy Optimization Principles with Applications. : Database Systems: An Application-Oriented Approach. : Theory of U -statistics. : On statistical estimation of entropy of random vector. Problems Infor. Transmiss. : U -Statistics: Theory and Practice.

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