Creating Maintainable APIs by Ervin Varga

By Ervin Varga

Construct easy and maintainable APIs to create companies which are usable and maintainable. even though this publication makes a speciality of dispensed providers, it additionally emphasizes how the center ideas follow even to natural OOD and OOP constructs. the general context of constructing Maintainable APIs is to categorise the themes into 4 major parts: periods and interfaces, HTTP relaxation APIs, messaging APIs, and message payloads (XML, JSON and JSON API in addition to Apache Avro).

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Spring helps you in this respect). Getting errors earlier is much better, because you can easily spot the culprit. This is another characteristic of a modular support that is provided by OSGi. A naive approach would be to make ServiceImpl a package private class, but that would potentially deprive other internal module classes from other packages from using it. ” The assumption is that if you are honest toward your clients, and they play nice, then the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, people start to read the documentation when they hit a problem, which might be too late.

Nowadays, these entities are well known by the name of software modules. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that we only deal with one predetermined type, as software modules are quite diverse. They have different granularity, scope, life cycles, and so on. In essence, a software module is a by-product of a program design technique called modularity (see [1] for more details). The idea is to apply encapsulation to group-related pieces into an independently deployable unit, and leverage information hiding to shield them from each other.

Of course, you can embellish the Component annotations with properties if you don’t want to use the default values. However, we are keeping everything here as simple as possible to avoid too much detraction. Another detail to observe is the getPortfolioType method. This is used by the client API service to find a proper provider. 36 CHAPTER 2 ■ MODULAR DESIGN The Client API This is the service that consumers of this project will use. It exposes an interface containing utility methods for users.

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