Creating Web Pages with HTML (Cliffs Notes) by David A. Crowder, Rhonda Crowder

By David A. Crowder, Rhonda Crowder

This article is designed to alter tentative computer clients into convinced content material creators for the area large net through the use of Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). clients the way to create sites with HTML, but additionally tips on how to get lower than the bonnet of present websites and dabble within the code.

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Htm. 4. Display the Web page in your browser. Figure 3-1 shows the result. Figure 3-1: The second page of your Web site. The preceding example uses the
line break tag after the quotation. Use
instead of

before a line of text when you want to separate it from the preceding line without inserting a blank space between the two lines. ” Chapter 3: Formatting Web Pages 35 Experiment with various alignments of the text. Alignment of the elements within tables is a bit more complex; we cover that in Chapter 6, along with other information on tables.

Figure 3-6: An unordered list. Chapter 3: Formatting Web Pages 43 Creating an ordered list For an ordered list, you can determine how the list is numbered by setting values for the type attribute. The value sets the numbering to Arabic numerals (the default setting), Roman numerals, or letters. Table 3-1 shows how the different values. Table 3-1: Values for the Ordered List Type Attribute Value Result 1 Arabic numerals I Uppercase Roman numerals i Lowercase Roman numerals A Uppercase letters a Lowercase letters Ordered lists have two more attributes that affect the numbering: start and value.

Save the file. 3. Display the Web page in your browser. Figure 2-4 shows the result. Figure 2-4: Bold and italic text styles. Don’t bother using the B element on the text in a heading element because all heading elements are already bold. Using code such as


does nothing. Chapter 2: Adding and Manipulating Text 25 Changing Font Sizes and Faces Earlier in this chapter, you discover how to use the FONT element to set the color of the text it encloses. The FONT element can also set the look and size of that text.

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