Crime, Madness and Politics in Modern France: The Medical by Robert A. Nye

By Robert A. Nye

Robert A. Nye locations in old context a scientific idea of deviance that constructed in France within the final 1/2 the 19th century, while scientific versions of cultural obstacle associated wondering crime, psychological disorder, prostitution, alcoholism, suicide, and different pathologies to French nationwide decline.

Originally released in 1984.

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Hadden, who find it quite possible to use them for most purposes. 40 Most commentators fall somewhere in between. *1 The statistics are mute on so-called real crime, some of which never reaches the attention of the police at all. "42 Radzinowicz's comment raises another issue for the historian of crime who wishes to have the fullest possible account of the social perceptions s8 It is impossible in a brief space to do justice to the richness of the historical literature in these areas. T h e conclusions from some of these works are incorporated into my text at appropriate points.

30. 'instruction, whose task it was to gather evidence in support of a criminal indictment. The judge was allowed to do his work in camera, could detain the suspect at his pleasure, and was not obliged to inform the suspect of the charges against him or the nature of the evidence in their support. " The assizes courts, where felonies and more serious crimes were tried, provided legal defense and a jury trial for an indicted criminal. However, the three presiding judges were not enjoined from taking sides in the legal battle; as the obedient "servants of the law" they readily engaged in the prosecution, the presiding magistrate often usurping the interrogation from the prosecutor.

Deviants and the Abandoned in French Society, trans. Elborg Forster and Patricia Ranum (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1978), pp. 200204. " La Republique centre les liberies, pp. 191-192. *9 Exceptions to this rule were the Seine and Yonne departments for which Haussmann was the energetic prefect in the 1840s and 1850s. Even he, however, was forced to use considerable manipulation in obtaining full funding for the departmental asylum. See, in general, Bleandonu and Le Gaufey, "The Creation of the Insane Asylums of Auxerre and Paris," pp.

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