Dare Me (Signet Eclipse) by Cherry Adair

By Cherry Adair

3 passionate novellas in a excessive stakes romantic suspense anthology that includes: A scorching trio of novellas from 3 nationwide bestselling masters of seductive suspense-stories of girls who takes percentages, ladies who gamble every little thing on love, girls who settle for the dare.

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Her head nestled against his chest, silky black hair brushing his chin. The smell of her stirred his senses despite his concerns. Essence of Dani. The most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Having her nestled against him like this felt so familiar, so right, so much a part of him. He held her tighter, folding her limp, pliant body into his. She'd saved the son of the president of this godforsaken country. Since when did that buy a Good Samaritan a body full of controlled substances? His mind raced, poised between fury and gratitude at finding her alive.

Pulling his mouth from hers, dragging in what oxygen he could, he pressed hot kisses along the line of her jaw, his fingers cupping the back of her head as she flattened her breasts against his chest so that he felt their hearts beating in tune. She grabbed hanks of his hair, pulling him back to her mouth, holding on for dear life. Oxygen intake was highly overrated. He went back in, greedily plunging his tongue into the dark, rich cavern of her mouth. Reveling in the scrape of her teeth, and the pleasure/pain of her nails digging into his scalp, he sucked on her tongue the way she liked it and had the satisfaction of hearing her breath quicken as her nails bit into his neck.

Where are you, Dani? Where the hell are you? "Miss Cross and a child were the only two survivors of the accident—are you all right, sir? " Hell, no, he wasn't all right. Reality slammed into his gut with the force of a pile driver. Raven braced a hand on the wall and drew in a ragged breath. He'd nearly lost her. This time for good. Forever. Kaput. Finito. No do-overs. "But you said she was released. " He looked up at the doctor and ground out the question. " "No, sir. Other than a mildly sprained wrist and severe insect bites, both Miss Cross and the boy are, miraculously, fine.

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