Della moneta antica di Genova by G.C. Gandolfi

By G.C. Gandolfi

Книга по монетному делу Генуи.
Надеюсь, что эти материалы будут интересны как нумизматам-медиевистам, так и всем, интересующимся историей средневековья.

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The Lithuanians. Policy. The Muscovites. I. On the first question, the following agenda is planned72 : Assessment of the current situation (speakers Kamenev and Stalin). 2. The municipal campaign (speaker loffe). 3. The Constituent Assembly (speaker Miliutin). 4. Reports : a. Organisational Bureau (Sverdlov) ; b. literature group (Sokolnikov). 5. Allocation of manpower (Uritsky). 6. Organisational questions, regions, etc. (Oppokov). II. The Organisational Bureau made a report from which it emerged that CC funds are in a very weak state (about 30,000 in hand) and that particular enterprises do their accounts badly so that it is very difficult to determine how much the CC has.

The Central Bureau of the Military Organisations draws the attention of the CC to the fact that the first newspaper to appear after the events of July 3 -5 was put out by the Military Organisation after enormous effort and that even though political reality and the interests of agitation among the soldiers required the existence of a special popular newspaper to serve these masses, the Military Organisation gave up its whole apparatus, ready for action, to the CC and submitted to its decision to create one common organ and to include only one member of the Military Organisation on the editorial board of this organ.

1 ed. 5. Printed for the first time. 11 Expanded session of the Central Committee August 31 [September 13] 1917 Present: Representatives of the Bolshevik groups in the Ts! K, the Petersburg Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies and the Political Bureau and Uritsky, Dzerzhinsky, Sverdlov, Stalin, Bubnov, Oppokov [LomovJ, Muranov, Miliutin, Rykov, Sokolnikov, Ioffe, Kamenev and Stasova. Agenda: Discussion of the declaration on power. After comrade Kamenev had read the draft resolution, a general discussion opened and everyone present took part.

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