Development and Use of Nuclear Powerplant Procedures (IAEA

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Procedure step(s) would result in an incorrect action or inappropriate response. 7. Verbal (written or oral) communication of steps: Procedural steps communicated verbally should be acknowledged as properly understood. Verbatim repeat backs normally should not be necessary, but as a minimum, paraphrases should be used. 8. Corrections on procedures shall be lined through with a single line so as to not obscure the original entry, initialed, and dated by the person making the correction. 2. Procedure Use NOTE: Attachment 1, Procedures Level of Use Determination, is an aid for determining the appropriate level of use classification.

B. Procedures, or applicable portions thereof, shall be available at the location of the work activity, Each step of the procedure shall be performed exactly as written and in the sequence specified in the procedure unless specifically allowed otherwise. c. Each step of the procedure shall be read before performance, however more than one step may be read and then performed in sequence before sign off. d. Independent procedure readers may be utilized in the "Continuous Use" mode. For example, a procedure reader may be used to read each step out loud to the worker(s), who shall repeat back and then perform the action required by the procedure step.

The designed purposes and direction provided in procedures shall be followed during the course of activities, regardless of the level of use. If flexibility is given within the procedure which allows the individual to alter the Steps or segments on an activity, then the procedure is being adhered to as long as the user stays within the flexibility specified. 3. Plant equipment shall be operated according to approved, current revision procedures. 4. g. "STAR") when operating equipment, implementing procedures, placing or removing clearance tags or other activities that could affect personnel or equipment safety.

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