Dictionary of Automotive Engineering by Don Goodsell (Auth.)

By Don Goodsell (Auth.)

A proof of the technical phrases utilized in automobile engineering. Diagrams illustrate the various extra complicated goods, and a separate record of acronyms and initials is supplied. The phrases integrated variety from formal terminology to vernacular, either British and American

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Shoe-to-shoe springs are omitted for clarity dry charged battery Lead acid battery with charged plates but containing no electrolyte. A frequent state for storage prior to sale. dry clutch Clutch which operates in air rather than in a bath of oil or other liquid. dry liner See dry sleeve, dry sleeve (UK: dry liner) Hard metal engine cylinder liner or insert that is not exposed to contact with cooling water, dry sump Of an engine, when main lubrication is supplied from a remote reservoir, the sump (if incorporated) containing no oil while the engine is operating.

The larger wheel of a crown wheel and pinion bevel pair. See also differential, cruise control Automatic control that adjusts engine output, and selects gear in an automatic gearchange system, to maintain a constant pre-selected speed. Also automatic speed control, crush zone Part of a vehicle bodywork designed to absorb energy of structural collapse in coUision thus reducing its transmission to the passenger compartment, crystal chromatic light Lamp unit which is white or clear when unlit, but which gives off amber or other colored light, dependent on type of filter, when lit.

Crank web Radial arm, usually of flat section, that supports the crank-pin on a crankshaft. crankcase Part of the structure of an engine that contains and supports the crankshaft and main bearings. See also monobloc construction, crankcase dilution Dilution of the lubricating oil in the oil pan or sump of an engine by fuel which has entered the crankcase. crankcase emissions Emission of gases or vapors, and particularly of hydrocarbons, from an engine crankcase. crankcase emission control system System for reducing or eliminating 35 crankcase emissions.

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