Die Sonne Homers : zehn Kapitel deutscher Homer-Begeisterung by Joachim Wohlleben

By Joachim Wohlleben

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British Abbreviation Meaning A or a--------------------A-------------------A--------------------------A----------------------- Abteilung------------------- Battalion___________________ Battalion, battery, unit Armee--------------------- Army---------------------- Army Artillerie__________________ Artillery____________________ Artillery Aufklirung_________________ Reconnaissance-------------- Reconnaissance Distribution Distribution -_______________ Ausgabe------------------Detrucking, detraining------- Unloading, detraining Auslade__________________ Outstation, branch depot or Aussenstelle_________________ Branch station_____________ office Quartermaster clothing office-- Army clothing office Armeebekleidungsamt_ _ _ _ Armeebekleidungslager_ _ ___- Quartermaster clothing depot- Army clothing depot T railer -------------------- Trailer Anhinger____ ____________ Alarm (Flak)_______________ Emergency (antiaircraft guns).

Been known as the schwerer Granatwerferbut was reclassified when the 120-mm mortar appeared. -----. 20-mm antiaircraft gun_________ 2-cm AA gun 20-mm antiaircraft barreled) 2-cm AA gun (four-barrelled) b 2 viert. OR Fliegerabwehrgeschitz 2 cm (Vierling) Fliegerabwehrgeschiitz 3,7 cm _____ - gun (four- -' 37-mm antiaircraft gun-- . 7-cm AA gun 3,7O Fliegerabwehrgeschiutz 5 cm __,.. 50-mm antiaircraft gun ---- _. 8 Fliegerabwehrgeschiitz 10,5 cm.. 5-cm AA gun d. Organization (1) Example of a diagrammatictable of organization New German U.

British S. - -- -- - -- Inf gun coy German Infanteriepanzerjagerkompanie----- -- Infantry antitank company-- -- -- - -Inf A tk coy Old Stabskompanie--------------------Hq company--------------------HQ coy SICurrent Schultzenzug----------------------- Rifle platoon-------------------- Rifle Granatwerferzug-------------------Mortar platoon ------------------- schwerer Maschinengewehrzug-----Machine-gun ei~ I OR OR (tripod) 1 platoon- Ileichter Infanteriegeschxtzzug------Light infantry howitzer platoon- --- p1 Mortar pl MMG p1 -Lt inf gun p1 OR OR E fl Heavy infantry howitzer schwerer Infanteriegeschitzzul LIII_ - ------ L~JInfanteriereiterzug_ 1±I' lei --Hy inf gun p1 ----- Inf A tk pl Infantry antitank platoon Mounted infantry platoon---------- Nachrichtenzug bei Staben_ --Hq Infanteriepionierzug_ _______Infantry engineer platoon ---------- signal platoon__ _ --_ _ _ _ _ _ leichtes Maschinengewehr-----------Machine gun (bipod) 1 -I ------ leichtes Maschinengewehr in Stellung__ Machine gun (bipod) 1 in position--- schweres Maschinengewehr_ 1 Mtd inf p1 Sig, pl (at a Inf pnr HQ) pl.

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