Digital Holography. Digital Hologram Recording, Numerical by Ulf Schnars, Werner Jüptner

By Ulf Schnars, Werner Jüptner

This publication provides a self-contained remedy of the rules and significant functions of electronic hologram recording and numerical reconstruction (Digital Holography). the 1st half offers with optical foundations and the idea of holography. the subsequent part describes how one can checklist holograms without delay with an digital sensor (CCD) and describes a few of the reconstruction concepts. a unique bankruptcy is distinct to electronic holographic interferometry with functions in deformation and form size and refractive index selection. purposes in imaging and microscopy also are defined. the following half discusses detailed strategies resembling electronic light-in-flight holography, holographic endoscopy, details encrypting and comparative holography. within the final bankruptcy comparable thoughts of speckle metrology are handled briefly.

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4), are equivalent because E R E R { a R . 1 with a plane reference wave impinging perpendicularly onto the CCD is often used in Digital Holography. Other recording geometries are discussed later. The reconstruction of the virtual image is also possible by introducing the imaging properties of a lens into the numerical reconstruction process [129]. This lens corresponds to the eye lens of an observer watching through an optically reconstructed hologram. 3. 6) Numerical lens Virtual image Image plane d d Fig.

Eq. 96) is analogue to the fringe spacing in an interference pattern formed by two intersecting plane waves, see Eq. 2. 7 Holographic Interferometry S' s2 35 Illumination points p S s1 P Hologram B Observation point Object Fig. 20. 4 Refractive Index Measurement by HI Another application of HI is the measurement of refractive index variations within transparent media. This mode of HI is used to determine temperature or concentration variations in fluid or gaseous media. A refractive index change in a transparent medium causes a change of the optical path length and thereby a phase variation between two light waves passing the medium before and after the change.

The upper left figure is a photograph of the object. The reconstruction without DC term suppression is depicted in the upper right figure. The object is covered by the DC term. The lower left figure shows the reconstruction with DC term suppression as described above. The object is clearly visible. Instead of subtracting the average intensity it is also possible to filter the hologram matrix by a high-pass with low cut-off frequency. 12 shows the DC term suppression by high pass filtering of the hologram.

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