Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 61 by Alice-Mary Talbot, Anthony Kaldellis, Cyril Mango, Tassos

By Alice-Mary Talbot, Anthony Kaldellis, Cyril Mango, Tassos Papacostas, Michael Grunbart, Christopher MacEvitt, Lynda Garland, Michael Decker, Christopher Lightfoot, Alan Walmsley, Olga Karagiorgou

This most modern quantity of Dumbarton Oaks Papers focuses partly on literary and historic texts: historicism in Byzantine proposal and literature; the Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa, encompassing the 1st campaign and the Armenian diaspora; and a reappraisal of the satirical prose paintings Mazaris’s trip to Hades. The background and structure of the Cypriot Monastery of Saint John Chrysostomos at Koutsovendis occupy a long and informative bankruptcy, which additionally contains a first variation of the “Letter of Nikon of the Black Mountain to the Founder George.” the quantity additionally includes chosen papers from the 2005 Dumbarton Oaks symposium at the archaeological facts for cost styles in Anatolia and the Levant among 500 and a thousand.

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Martin, English Texts: Frankish and Turkish Periods (New York, 1998), 196, and F. von Loher, Cypern: Reiseberichte uberNatur und Landschaft, Volk und Geschichte (Stuttgart, 1878), 81-85. In 1908 itwas reported thatwater from a nearby spring was chemically analyzed and found to have medicinal qualities, allegedly beneficial to those suffering from skin dis eases (I. Peristianes, Fzvixr\ iaropla Tfjqvrjaov Kvnpov oltzortiv &px&ioT&Tc*)V %p6voov [iexpl rfjc dyylixijc xaroxr\c [Nicosia, 1910], and C.

S. who the Chrysostomos ("Peter") Megaw, strongly recommended to Dumbarton project Ernest Hawkins, who Oaks directed and took an active the work but in several other Chrysostomos, Cypriot of them Cyprus owes a great debt. interest in it, and of restoration not at only as churches well. To both i A significant part of the research and writing up of this paper was carried out at Oaks in 2004 during a Summer Fellowship, forwhich I am most grateful. I should also thank the two anonymous Dumbarton readers for their valuable towhom I am indebted for of Cyril Mango, his help throughout the preparation of this paper, and of course formaking these notes available tome.

Another strong (7rpooTaTr]v CLvr{kr\)mrupav [sic]: indication to the same effect is that when a parekklesion was added to the katholikon at George's new monastery Yiangou, Nlxcov, 139,188 n. 4, 276 (above, n. 14). 30 itwas dedicated (Constantinides to the and Browning, Dated Greek [above, n. 24]; on p. io (ca. ), Nikephoros Mauros found near Dekelia on the south-east coast Manuscripts, 90 it is suggested that themanuscript may have originated from Koutsovendis, citing E. Lappa-Zizeka and M. , 197; the seal of Patriarch spent his reign at Constantinople, was pre sumably in touch (Metcalf, Byzantine Lead Seals, 385 no.

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