Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy by David Toke (auth.)

By David Toke (auth.)

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Indd 31 1/4/2011 8:36:26 PM 32 Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy We need to outline a method of analysis in order to mobilise the ‘identity’ EM framework. As was discussed earlier, Mol uses a focus on interest group analysis of bargaining both within industry and also between environmental interests and industry. Hajer (1995), by contrast, privileges discussion of discourse over interests. Perhaps we need a balance between these approaches, one that merges discussion of both industrial politics and cultural politics.

There will be a discussion of the emergence of some key renewable energy technologies in a modern form, paying most attention to wind power. As mentioned earlier, there will be a discussion of how positive renewable energy identities can conflict with other identities. Finally, there will be an analysis of how the earlier visions of energy paths compare with contemporary discourses on the role of renewable energy. Renewables – a solution waiting for a problem Wind power, which now provides the bulk of new renewable energy supplies around the world, has existed as technology able to supply electricity for more or less as long as electricity has been supplied commercially.

This ‘identity EM’ narrative will be expanded and applied in the following chapters. indd 37 1/4/2011 8:36:26 PM 38 Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy to distinguish this EM account from the objectivist aspirations of mainstream EM accounts. Although narratives can use models to describe processes and relationships between actors, these models cannot be automatically transferred to other cases. Hence I would not claim, for example, that the ‘identity EM’ approach used here can apply to cases other than renewable energy.

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