Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits with MATLAB by Steven T. Karris

By Steven T. Karris

This ebook is an undergraduate point textbook proposing a radical dialogue of state-of-the artwork digital units. it's self-contained it starts with an creation to stable nation semiconductor units. the necessities for this article are first 12 months calculus and physics, and a two-semester direction in circuit research together with the elemental theorems and the Laplace transformation. bankruptcy 1 is an creation to the character of small signs utilized in digital units, amplifiers, definitions of decibels, bandwidth, poles and zeros, balance, move services, and Bode plots. bankruptcy 2 is an advent to strong country electronics starting with easy motives of electron and gap circulation. This bankruptcy offers a radical dialogue at the junction diode and its volt-ampere features. quite often, die non-linear features are plotted with basic MATLAB scripts. The dialogue concludes with diode purposes, the Zener, Schottky, tunnel, and varactor diodes, and optoelectronics units. Chapters three and four are dedicated to bipolar junction transistors and FETs respectively, and lots of examples with designated recommendations are supplied. bankruptcy five is a protracted bankruptcy on op amps. Many op amp circuits are provided and their functions are good illustrated.

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Thus, as ω → 0 , θ ≅ – atan 0 ≅ 0° 1-26 Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits with MATLAB Applications Orchard Publications Solutions to End-of-Chapter Exercises For ω = 1 ⁄ RC , θ = – atan 1 = – 45° For ω = – 1 ⁄ RC , θ = – atan ( – 1 ) = 45° As ω → – ∞ , θ = – atan ( – ∞ ) = 90° and as ω → ∞ , θ = – atan ( ∞ ) = – 90 ° We will use the MATLAB script below to plot the phase angle θ versus radian frequency ω . This is shown on the plot below where, for convenience, we let RC = 1 . 25. Phase characteristics of an RC high-pass filter with RC = 1 2.

12 Exercises 1. 1, derive and sketch the magnitude and phase responses for an RC high-pass filter. 2. Derive the transfer function G ( s ) for the network shown below. 5 H + + + −C 1F v in ( t ) v out ( t ) 1Ω R − − 3. A system has poles at – 4 , – 2 + j , – 2 – j , and zeros at – 1 , – 3 + j2 , and – 3 – j2 . Derive the transfer function of this system given that G ( ∞ ) = 10 . 4. The circuit model shown below is known as a transresistance amplifier and the ideal characteristics for this amplifier are R in → 0 and R out → 0 .

30(a) shows a half-wave rectifier circuit consisting of a transformer,* a junction diode, * For a detailed discussion on transformers, refer to Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications, ISBN 0-9709511-59, Orchard Publications. 30(b) shown the waveforms of the input voltage v in and the load voltage v load . 30. Half-wave rectifier circuit and input and output waveforms When using diodes in rectifier circuits we must calculate: a. the maximum current that the diode will allow without being damaged, and b.

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