By Jeremy Bentham

Web programming demystified! it is a hands-on consultant to TCP/IP networking that comes with platform-independent resource code to an easy TCP/IP stack - a lean model that's more straightforward to provide and effective sufficient to take advantage of in embedded functions. Create

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H Description: sendFrame sends length bytes located in the global frame buffer. type is used to denote the protocol, which sent the frame. ip0 and ip1 are used to find the Ethernet address of the recipient. If the Ethernet address is not present in the ARP table, the frame is discarded and an ARP request is sent to the IP address. The sender is responsible to retransmit the frame upon failure. Return Value sendFrame returns 1 upon success and 0 upon failure. getMAC Name: getMAC - check if Ethernet address is present in the ARP table.

35 2396C–AVR–05/02 Components 36 Table 13. 7K Ohms 0805 R11 Resistor 0805 33 Ohms 0805 R12 Resistor 0805 33 Ohms 0805 R13 Resistor 0805 33 Ohms 0805 R14 Resistor 0805 33 Ohms 0805 AVR460 2396C–AVR–05/02 AVR460 Table 13. 1K Ohms 0805 R38 Resistor 0805 11K Ohms 0805 R39 Resistor 0805 0 Ohms 0805 R40 Resistor 0805 0 Ohms 0805 R41 Resistor 0805 0 Ohms 0805 R42 Resistor 0805 0 Ohms 0805 R43 Resistor 0805 0 Ohms 0805 C1 Capacitor 0805 10 pF 0805 C2 Capacitor 0805 68 pF 0805 C3 Capacitor 0805 18 pF 0805 C4 Capacitor 0805 18 pF 0805 C5 Capacitor 0805 100 nF 0805 C6 Capacitor 0805 100 nF 0805 C7 Capacitor 0805 100 nF 0805 37 2396C–AVR–05/02 Table 13.

If readwdir is called another time, a null pointer is returned. rewinddir Name: rewinddir - reset the pointer to directory listing. h Description: rewinddir reset the pointer to the listing so that next time readdir or readwdir is called, the first file in the listing is returned. closedir Name: closedir - closes the directory stream. h Description: closedir - close the directory stream. Return Value: closedir returns 1 on success and 0 on failure. 51 2396C–AVR–05/02 Bibliography [EME99] Gary Desrosiers, 99.

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