Encounters & reflections : conversations with Seth Benardete by Benardete Seth Burger Ronna

By Benardete Seth Burger Ronna

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Seth: He obviously had a set of markers, from di¤erent texts he had not studied, passages he knew were very important. Ronna: Before he knew the book? Seth: Or whether he ever knew the book. 303), that was not dependent on an interpretation of the work as a whole. Ronna: He just knew. Seth: That this was really decisive. , in his autobiography in the Phaedo (97b–e). Socrates figures out what must have been in Anaxagoras’s book without ever opening it up. I think Strauss had this ability, just given some hint, to fill it in rapidly.

When he came out he couldn’t stop laughing. Ronna: The laughing cure. ” It’s so rare it’s not in the dictionary; so rare that no one has ever heard of it. He couldn’t stop laughing. What happened was, from that moment—this is the etiology of it—Einarson had finally worked out a universe in which it turned out that in fact everything was funny. So he got it right, you see. It worked perfectly. Ronna: Did he ever write anything? Seth: He did the text and the translation of Theophrastus, “On the Causes of Plants,” and he did almost all the emendations in Festugière’s edition of Hermes Trismegistus.

One of them was extraordinarily stupid and ran after birds that were flying overhead; the other dog would just look on. One spring, when it was beginning to thaw, the stupid dog went out onto the ice of the pond and fell in. The other dog got down on his belly and crawled all the way to the other dog, pulled it out, dragged it back to land, and then walked o¤. Ronna: Types in the animal kingdom. So what exactly was the background of the family? Seth: It was a German-speaking family with this three-language distinction—Russian of the oªcials, Latvian of the peasants, and German of the rulers—who were all classically trained and read Thucydides at night before they went to bed.

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