equine locomotory muscles postnatal development and the

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1991). Mab Developmental (raised against hind limb muscle of 7 days old rats (Novocastra Labs. , Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) recognises a Developmental type MHC present during the embryonic and neonatal period in the development of muscle (Butler-Browne et al. 1988). Immunohistochemical staining Transverse serial sections (10 µm) were made with a cryostat at - 20°C. Overnight fixation took place at -20°C in a 35% methanol, 35% acetone and 5% acetic acid solution. 4) followed by incubation in pronase (1:100 in PBS) for 30 minutes.

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And Thornton,J. (1980) Histochemical properties of muscle fibre types and enzyme activities in skeletal muscles of standardbred trotters of different ages. Equine vet. J. 12, 175-180. , Persson, S. G. B. and Thornton, J. (1983) Skeletal muscle characteristics of young standardbreds in relation to growth and early training. In: Equine Exercise Physiology. Snow, D. , Persson, S. G. , and Rose, R. ) Granta Editions, Cambridge, pp. 200210. , Lindholm, A. and Persson, S (1989) Muscular adaptation of horses during intensive training and detraining.

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